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Active Azores

There are many reasons to visit Azores.  The wonderful climate is just one example.  A year round temperature average of 63 degrees means it’s almost impossible to find an unpleasant day.  It also means that there are so many active Azores recreational opportunities; you may have trouble fitting them into a short vacation.

The Azores Islands are not a place to visit and plan on sitting around.  Just a few of the activities which many people enjoy when they visit include walking tours.  Literally dozens of guided and independent tours are published in various guidebooks about the islands.  You can plan on walking to the top of the highest peak on Pico island or walk through the vineyards on several of the islands such as Pico where the wine made in the traditional way has made this island a World Heritage site named by UNESCO. Tours visit the sites of grumbling volcanoes and past steaming hot waterfalls.  You can walk the perimeter of the smaller islands if you are really adventurous

paragliding surfing

If you visit the Azores in the summer season, you will find over fifty wonderful diving spots around the islands.  You can explore undersea mountains, trenches and caves.  Because of the Gulf Current, the Islands are ripe with many different species, making the Archipelago one of the best diving locations in the entire world.  If you’d like to try wreck diving, there are even many of those in the Azorean waters.

Many people visit Azores for the opportunity to spot some new species of bird.  The islands may have been named for the Goshawk, but this species of bird doesn’t live in the Azores.  There was probably a mistake made in the species; probably the bird sighted was the Buteo buteo, the local buzzard.  The bird on the Azorean flag doesn’t look like a goshawk either, but was intended to represent it.

The Azorean seas provide the ideal conditions for sailing, surfing, windsurfing or water skiing. Boat trips, by motor or sail, are a special attraction. Also for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding you can hire equipment.

Check your surf spots1
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You may want to visit the islands for the golf.  Three fine golf courses are available on the islands. They are unique enough to be challenging, and have beautiful views of trees, meadows and the blue waters of the Azorean Sea. Discount golf packages are available for visitors and if you play at one of the local clubs, they will make you feel like a member.

With the emphasis on active participation in recreation by residents, it’s hardly surprising that those who visit Azores are encouraged to join in such pursuits as rock climbing and rappelling, parasailing, whale watching, and caving.  Especially fascinating is the chance to explore lava caves and tubes through which lava flowed during volcanic eruptions.

Fishing, both inland and sea fishing is a favorite tourist attraction in the Azores Islands; numerous charter services run the waters around and between the islands.  Sailing has not yet become widely enough known to bring in the hordes of sailors.  Four prime deep-water ports with modern marinas and landing facilities make the Azores an as yet undiscovered yachting dream.  On two of the islands horses are available for horseback riding enjoyment.

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