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Most yachts stop in the Azores on their way across the Atlantic. Although hundreds of yachts call every year, very few of them cruise around the islands. With their secluded bays, uncrowded anchorages and protected harbours, the Azores are still waiting to be discovered as a cruising destination in their own right. Yachting facilities are concentrated in the 4 main ports: Horta, Ponta Delgada, Angra do Heroismo and Praia da Vitoria. The majority of the yachts stop in Horta (island of Faial), one of the perennially favourite places of long-distance sailors. Inaugurated in 1986, the marina has space for 300 vessels and is currently the fourth most visited ocean marina.

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Horta Marina

Hundreds of yachts of all kinds of different nationalities stop in Horta each year on their voyages across the North Atlantic Ocean, a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. In recent years, there have been more and more large yachts mooring here, giving Horta its own very special colour. Every year, international regattas are held, normally involving the ocean-going cruiser yachts, with this marina acting as either the finish or one of the ports of call.

Amidst all this animation and excitement, Horta Marina has another source of fascination: nobody knows how the painting of the harbour walls first began. But one day, many years ago, the crew of a sailing vessel anchored in the harbour wanted to leave a souvenir of their visit to the island in the docks. This first painting was followed by others, gradually occupying the whole sea wall, which has been transformed into a brightly-coloured mosaic of drawings evoking the many yachts that have stopped off in the marina.

Peter’s Café Sport is the most famous bar in the North Atlantic, having first opened its doors on the island of Faial over eighty years ago to seafarers from all over the world. Come and listen to the stories of seafarers in this hospitable bar, where the simplicity of the Azores can be clearly felt in the warm welcome dispensed to all visitors.

Peter Café Sport
Tenente Valadim 9
9900-027 Horta
tel. 292.292.327
fax 292.391.287


On arrival yachts should berth alongside the reception quay (minimum depth 10 ft/3 m). The marina office is open 0800-1200, 1300-2000 (seven days a week in the high season April to June). The offices of immigration, maritime police, customs (Alfandega) and Guarda Nacional Republicana are next to the marina office in the same building. The marina staff will inform captains of the order in which these officials must be visited, both on arrival and at departure. The marina office will assign a berth once clearance is completed. Yachts arriving after office hours should wait at the reception quay until the next morning. On departure, one should first pay the marina fees, then take the receipt to the Guarda Nacional Republicana and the Capitania for outward clearance. It is forbidden for boats, local or visiting, to anchor at Porto Pim (south of Horta) due to the optical fiber submarine cable laid there.

Horta Marina
Tel:292 391693, Fax:292 208315, VHF Channel 6, 10, 11, 16
Opening Hours: daily 0800-1200 and 1300-1700 (in summer until 2000)
Water & electricity to all berths; there is a utilities block in the northern part of the marina with laundry, showers. Telephone, fax and email services are available at the marina office.

Yacht Clubs
Clube Naval da Horta
Cais Velho, 9900 Horta
Tel:+351 292 200680, Fax:+351 292 31719 , VHF Channel 16
Visitors are welcome to use its bar or participate in one of its many races. Contact the club secretariat, open 0900-1230, 1400-1800 Monday to Friday. VHF Channel 16 is monitored during office hours.


Ponta Delgada Marina

There is a reception dock on the port side as one enters the marina and arriving yachts are expected to stop there to be cleared in and assigned a berth. Yachts are normally met on the dock by an officer, who ensures that there is no contact with other boats before formalities are completed. This is normally done during office hours, although the Guarda Nacional Republicana office is open 24 hours.

The marina provides excellent facilities for yachts visiting the Azorean capital. The range of repair facilities is expanding and boats can be hauled out in Ponta Delgada. Water and electricity is available on all pontoons and fuel is available at the fuelling berth.

Marina Pêro de Teive
Apartado 113, 9502 Ponta Delgada
Tel:(296) 281 510, Fax:(296) 281 311
25 ton travelift, fuel dock

Yacht Clubs
The yacht club next to the marina is very helpful.
Clube Naval de Ponta Delgada (CNPD)
Apt. 4 (Calheta), Av. Infante D. Henrique, 9500 Ponta Delgada
Tel:+351 296 23005, Fax:+351 296 26383

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