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Useful Information Azores

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Tourist Offices


Delegacao de Turismo dos Acores em Lisboa
Rua dos Navegantes 21, 2
1200  Lisboa
Tel.:  21 3964542 - Fax : 21 3964532                         

Sao Miguel   


Delegacao de Turismo de Sao Miguel
Av. Infante D. Henrique
9504-528  Ponta Delgada
Tel.: 296 285743 / 296 285125 - Fax: 296 292211

Furnas :
Posto de Turismo das Furnas
Tel.: 296 584525

Aeroporto :
Posto de Turismo do Aeroporto de Ponta Delgada
Tel.: 296 284569

Vila Franca do Campo:
Posto de Torismo
Rua Dr.Urbano Mendonça Dias              












Delegacao de Turismo da Terceira
Rua Direita 70-74
9700-066  Angra do Heroismo
Tel.: 295 213393 - Fax: 295 212922                        

Lajes Airport, Terceira :
Posto de Turismo do Aeroporto das Lajes
Tel/Fax : 295 513140


Posto de Turismo do Pico
Rua Conselheiro Terra Pinheiro
9950  Madalena
Tel.: 292 623524      

Santa Maria


Posto de Turismo de Santa Maria
9950  Vila do Porto
Tel.: 296 886355


Posto de Turismo da Graciosa
9980  Santa Cruz da Graciosa
Tel.: 295 712509

Sao Jorge

Posto de Turismo de Sao Jorge
R. Conselheiro Dr. Jose Pereira
9800  Velas
Tel.: 295 412440













Posto de Turismo das Flores
9580  Santa Cruz das Flores
Tel.: 292 52369       

Faial :

Posto de Turismo do Faial
Rua Vasco da Gama
9900-117 Horta
Tel.: 292 292237 - Fax: 292 292006

euros first aid



It is not necessary to have special vaccinations when you visit the Azores. In Ponta Delgada, Angra and Horta are modern hospitals. There are health centers on each island. Pharmacies are in each city. The Pharmacias can be recognised by the green cross. Opening hours: on workdays 9-13 and 15-19 o'clock. The emergency number is 115.


On all islands there are banks in the larger cities. Most of the restaurants, hotels and car-renting companies accept common credit-cards. But don't expect credit cards to be accepted in smaller restaurants and residencias. Be sure to carry small bills. Most banks accept Visa/MasterCard's. Most banks have employees who speak English or French. The opening hours are on workdays usually from 8.30 to 14,30 o'clock. The national currency is the euro.

Identity cards and passports:

A valid identity card or passport is sufficient for most visitors. A visa is not necessary. Children need a child document of identification or an entry in the passport of the parents. If you want to stay longer than three months, you will need a residence permit.


220/110 volts AC, 50Hz. Round two-pin plugs are in use.


The Azorean islands are in general not suitable for disabled people. It can be hard to get around in a wheelchair, or get access to restaurants and hotels.

Respect and Encounter:

  • Its forbidden to sunbathe topless
  • Don't photograph people without asking for permission.
  • Tips and gifts compensate for quality of service; 5% is usual in restaurants and taxis.
  • Refuse to buy souvenirs from animals from the sea.

Food and drinks:

The Azorean food is very nice and well prepared. Many restaurants serve international cuisine. All kinds of fish and meat is on the menu all over the Azores. The food is not very spicy. Restaurants might be closed at saturday/sunday.

Drinking water:

The tap water is not always drinking water, but it is suitable for tooth brushing. You can get cheap bottles of mineral water in each supermarket. One should not drink water from rivers and lakes.

Public transport:

Except for Corvo, each island has its bus connections. Besides buses you can rent a car or take a taxi.

Local time:

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -1 hour. No daylight saving time at the moment

Post office:

You can recognize the post office by the sign Correio or CTT. There are post offices in larger places only. They are opened on workdays from 8.30-12.30 o'clock and from 14-18.30.

Internet cafes

Sao Miguel, Ponta Delgada:

Solmar Shoppingcenter, Infante D. Henriques 71, At the bookstore on 1. floor.
In the shoppingmall "Parque Atlantico" at ”PONTO FM” on 1. floor. 2 € for ½ hour.


"Centro Cultural de Congressos de Angra", Canada Nova, Angra do Heroismo. Open 10.00-22.00 and it's free.

Santa Maria, Vila do Porto:

On the main street number. 88, next to the SATA-office. Open from 10.00 - 21.00, and it's free.

Faial, Horta:

"Hotel Do Canal". (Internet access 24-7 also open for people not staying at the hotel.)
"Hortanet" Rua Walter Bensaude 11.   

Lajes, Flores: 

In the library in Lajes the are several computers. It's open from 09.00 to 17.00. It's free.



The national language is Portuguese. Azoreans speak a special dialect. Sometimes the inhabitants understand also English or French, especially the younger ones.


You can phone from post offices and telephone boxes rather cheap. There is a mobile phone network available on all islands. International preselection for the Azores: +351


Atlantic, 1220km (760 miles) due west of Portugal.


2333 sq km (868 sq miles).


241,800 (2001).

Population Density:

103.8 per sq km.


São Miguel: Ponta Delgada; Faial: Horta; Terceira: Angra do Heroismo.

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